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Music Lovers Travel Group

TravelEncounters by JEM-Si presents...

Do you enjoy live music and crave an unforgettable  travel experience?


Music Lovers Travel Group (MLTG) curates unique music travel, by elevating a blend of exquisite live music, history and culture, all with the black experience in mind! 

Explore new cultures and sounds! Gain new experiences! Discover a whole new world of music and culture with Music Lovers Travel Group!

Inaugural Experience

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Muziki ni Maisha (Music is Life)


MLTG has partnered with Melanated Safaris LTD (https// to create the ultimate 8-day East African/music festival experience!  On our first full day in Zanzibar we'll start with a relaxing meet & greet/orientation as Sauti za Busara (music festival) begins this evening!  The music festival runs two additional evenings.  During the day there will be sight-seeing & we'll venture to an organic farm for a Swahili cooking class!


Day four finds us on a private sandbank!  Picture yourself on a boat pulling up to your own private island!  There'll be a photoshoot, food, drinks, music (of course), and lots of fun.  And let's not forget, we'll be in the midst of the Indian Ocean with nothing but waves surrounding us!

Day five we'll experience "The Rock Restaurant" before our flight to Mainland Tanzania!  There are 18 gorgeous acres of immaculately landscaped tea and coffee plantations housing the 5-star resort that will host our group.  We can't bring you to Tanzania without giving you first-hand knowledge of a coffee farm or taking you on a game drive; so we'll do both!  Prepare to have your senses fall in love as you experience, first-hand, the transformation of coffee beans into that delicious brew!  But it doesn't end there.  We'll go on a safari, in search of the "Big Five" (leopard, lion, water buffalo, elephant & rhinoceros).  Sharpen your senses as we set out to spot them all.


We'll round out our experience with a visit to a local Maasai Village and a swim in a warm mineral spring that originates from Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Trip Dates: Feb 8-16, 2024

Zanzibar: Days 1-4

Mainland Tanzania: Days 5-8

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Enjoy VIP Experiences to Live Music Performances

For many African American musicians, “jazz” represents black virtuosity and accomplishment. Jazz is more than just music - it’s a way of life, being, and thinking. Almost every other music genre was influenced by it.


What better way to celebrate jazz and other genres than VIP experiences to world-class music festivals and being serenaded by the best in the world?


Create memories with people who share your hobbies & passions

Whether with old friends or new, you'll have the time of your life traveling with us! We have a passion for music, so our trips are a music lover's dream!

Done-For-You Adventures

All that’s left for you to do is book your flight, pack your bags and go!  We've crafted the perfect itinerary to maximize your trip and to make sure that each day counts!

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Inaugural Experience


We Offer

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Expert Guidance

Our itineraries are crafted with expertise and care. Many years of travel experience & insider music connections help us curate elevated music travel experiences!


Every travel package is jam-packed with value through exceptional live music, VIP experiences, irresistible rates, benefits, swag items, special offers and much more!

Done-For-You Travel Experiences

We take care of almost everything - transportation from event to event, hotel bookings, parties, and cultural excursions. We can even add airfare and special requests to any package! Grab your passport and get on that plane!

Superior Service

We are with you every step of the way. We don't plan trips until we've done them ourselves. Been there, done that...literally! Have questions? We're always here to help. 

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A Sense Of Belonging

Travel with a group of people who share the same passion and interests as you. At Music Lovers Travel Group, music is a way of life. Meet new people and foster new friendships with other music lovers. (22) asa.png
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Inaugural Experience

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Scholarships (31) z.png


Awarded to a High School senior of color on the Autism Spectrum, that’s been accepted into an institute or a program of secondary education, with a demonstrated financial need. asdasd.png


Awarded to a High School senior that is a student of color that has a Music major and a demonstrated financial need. (34)zxc.png

Macon & Beasley's The ART OF THANK YOU Award

Awarded to a High School senior that is a student of color that has a Music major and a demonstrated financial need. (33)zz.png

Giving back...

The Music Lovers Travel Group, JEM-Si, LLC and JEM-Si's Corner are honored to be a financial blessing to students of color.  Offering scholarship awards to students furthering their education is one of the many ways we support our community.

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Las Vegas


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South Africa

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